Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've Been a Bad Bad Blogger

Last post June 1st? Eek, the summer went so fast. A month-long trip to NYC and having Joe home with us here the rest of time made the days just fly by. The only items I made over the past couple of months were a ton of shirts for Parts & Labour on S. Congress. They're a really interesting boutique that only sells locally made items. I've also had a bunch of custom orders that I have worked on in place of updating my long-neglected blog. The only thing I made for myself this summer was this skirt:

Oh, do you like those shoes? I put them on for the photo because they were the last extravagant purchase I made before quitting my last full time job. Remember that scene in Sex in the City (the series, not the film) when Carrie realized that all the money she spent on shoes could have been used for the down payment on an apartment? I think that that might be a semi-universal epiphany (and by semi-universal I mean professional urban single women obviously). I like to remember the days when no one had heard of Suze Orman, and it was perfectly reasonable to blow money at Barney's and on cocktails instead of using it to pay off credit cards and save for the day when one might actually have a child and have no use whatsoever for 3" red suede platform shoes that were handmade by some little white-haired shoe-master in Italy.
But back to the skirt. Does it look vaguely familiar? That might be because originally it was a sun dress that I was working on. I could never figure out how to line up the bodice with the skirt, and so the bodice that I sewed a few months back is now being scrapped. At least I got one cute new thing to wear out of it. *Note to self- always make a muslin version of any new pattern before using the good stuff.

Of course there have been about a hundred things that I have been meaning to blog about, but I have come to realize that a more realistic approach for me will be to post about one thing each week. That's my "new year's resolution" for this upcoming school year (yes, I still think of time in terms of school years. I suppose that I will think of time this way for a long time with a teacher husband and a child). Here are some snapshots from our summer:

Dreamy days at the beach:

A boy and his love for baby lions (t-shirt made with transfer paper and access to flickr) and old tractors:

A visit from Joe's mom, and a dinner out at the Biergarten in Wahlburg:

Look! He's a little boy already: