Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Time, stupid time, bringin' me down.

Anyone get that one? It's from a Daniel Johnston song and it always gets stuck in my head when I'm stressed for time (which is the past 15 months essentially). Harlan is napping and I am simmering some dinner for him while I write this post. Multi-tasking at its best.
I now have a rather large stockpile of fabric and a nice list of plans for execution. I'm going to make a bunch of different items, all baby & kid related and see how they sell.

Perhaps they will do really well and I can then outsource to a nice local factory as I have been planning on doing with the embroideries for months now. Here are some close ups of what I just got in the mail:

I almost feel sad to part with the lovely Amy Butler prints, but alas I must. The robot (or "robutt" as Joe and I like to say) is for Harlan of course, but I am just realizing I should have bought more since robots are so trendy suddenly. I bet it would be a hit to sell in the form of sun hats (one of my ideas).
My online spending fever has yet to subside. Last night I purchasedthis sweet little guy from one of my all time favorite crafters chet and dot. This chicklette is a birthday gift for a friend in early April. I saw it and could not resist, because she and I both have a love for baby chicks. When we both lived in Austin at the same time she bought a little chick at a flea market for a quarter and named him Eddie. We planned on sharing custody of little Eddie, but sadly he died on Christmas eve after taking ill and only walking backwards for a couple of days. Eddie's mom kept him in her bedroom in a nice coop so that none of the predators outdoors would kill him. Unfortunately for Eddie neither of us knew that chicks required pebbles and dirt in their gullets to survive. Here are photos of Eddie with Abby and me:

Getting back to chet and dot, everything she makes is so lovely and perfect, I'm practically a crazed stalker because I'm always checking out her shop to see what's new. It seems she has also picked up some superbuzzy fabrics and has undoubtedly done a better job of sewing things with them than I will. I am going to stick to making some pretty simple stuff with mine. I have to show the cutest thing she sent along with my last purchase.

My very own marshmellow towel-neck man! We keep him on this lamp switch and Harlan loves to stand at the edge of the couch and grab for him. Harlan has also taken to throwing things behind the trunk/side table and pulling himself over it to try and retrieve his losses:

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Veronica TM said...

so many pretty things in this post! i love the fabrics, the crochet chicken you bought {i went to her etsy shop and it is great!} and your little one is too cute.
i also really like those photos of you and your friend with eddie, they could be in a magazine.