Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mas Pantalons por El Nino

I made these pull-on pants for Harlan last week using some dyed quilting muslin and some cute Japanese fabric for the pockets. My sewing skills leave a lot to be desired (including mastering machine tension as you can see from the back pocket, and sewing in a straight line) and each of you is a witness to my journey. The pattern doesn't have any pockets but Harlan has a Lucky Wang pair that look similar to these with pockets I like so I traced them and cut out the ones you see on the front. I put one square pocket on the back for Harlan to keep his wallet in. Or maybe a pack of Kleenex considering he's been miserably sick for the past week. Again with the high fever and runny nose and drooling (Joe calls him Rudy Drooliani).

These are some lovely cream-filled easter eggs from my favorite NYC chocolatier, Li-lac. My mother used to take me there each Easter when I was little and although they have been sold to a new ownership and moved location they are still finger-lickin' good. Joe picked these up for me one night when he was near their store at Central Market in Grand Central Station. It was a great surprise. They are filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge (their least good filling in my opinion), marzipan (the best marzipan around), maple-walnut butter cream (SFG or, So Fucking Good) and chocolate butter cream.

Speaking of easter candy, have you seen Mariko's recipe for easter candy cake? I think I may need to make it after easter when the goods go on sale.

Also, my four-month pledge to not buy any new clothes but to make or re-fashion old ones begins tomorrow. Check out the Wardrobe Refashion blog to see what people are doing.


Green Kitchen said...

The drooling, fever, runny nose sound like teething symptoms. The pants are great. I won't look too closely. AnAnd the eggs sound SFG!

Elliette Devine said...

Who'da thunk i'd see the words "lucky wang" within an hour of one another?? i just got back from the city and stopped and looked in the Lucky Wang window and saw some super cute things i would have loved to have bought for my nephews and nieces.good thing it was after hours and it was closed. because i would have bought the store. harlans new pantalones look super cute. i love the fabric for the pockets too!

AnastasiaC said...

pants!!! those eggs look scrumptious! Yummo!!!
Ive suprised myself that I havnt started on the easter eggs - I wont stop if I start!

Angelina said...

If you're already making your own pattern pieces by tracing garments then it's just a matter of time before you are a master at all of this. machine tension is a bitch though. Sometimes it's worth taking your machine in to get the tension adjusted.

I think the pants are super cute!