Friday, May 11, 2007

Greetings earthlings

Forgive me for falling a bit off of the blogging wagon. As you can intuit from the wonderful mother's day card I awoke to this morning, I am a bit busy these days. One of the perks of marrying a man who draws comics is that I get really good, handmade cards each holiday.

Lately I am spending my free time working on the convertable backpack for my class which ends this Tuesday. I wasted a lot of time fretting about fabric choices (clearly a sign that I should stop buying fabric without specific projects in mind) and eventually ended up using simple Japanese blue and off-white floral print canvas (it looks just like this) with a cotton/linen lining and straps. The cotton/linen arrived in my happy little hands at a stoop sale last week when I scored a queen-sized duvet cover in perfect condition for ten bucks. I already have two vintage duvets and one from a Dwell sample sale so I really don't feel guilty scrapping this one to use for my many projects.

This morning I dropped Harlan off with my mother and went up to Daytona Trims in the garment district. Future Girl tipped me off about this gem of a store for buying acrylic felt. I ended up with a nice assortment
as well some cotton lace
and a buttload of ric rack:
and sumptuous* velvet ribbon: and a mutation of the two:
How genius is velvet ric rack?

So, now I own even more supplies and have an even longer to do list. Good thing summer is coming and Joe will be home all day to allow me a bit more time to make some stuff and bring home a little more bacon than I've been chewing on... Speaking of which, we will be going up to Canada for a week to Joe's family's lake house. I just discovered I have to move rather quickly on acquiring a passport for young Harlan, who does not want to sit still in front of a white background to have his photo taken. Instead I took a picture of him in his highchair yesterday morning and I plan on cropping it in Photoshop to put on white background. This plan is more feasable. How funny is it that he will seemingly be neckless?

Lately I have been looking at the recent keyword activity from statcounter to see what random phrases have been typed into google that have led people to my blog. These are my all time favorites: Red velvet cake Boynton Beach, Blouse with breasts showing through, and Ina Garten's hot gay friend.

* Sumptuous is a really vile word in my opinion, almost as bad as using delicious to describe a baby, but for some reason I felt compelled to use it in my description of this ribbon. I apologize if you felt temporarily nauseated.


Angelina said...

I am constantly trying to avoid using the word "adorable" to describe anyone's crafts or babies, but every once in a while the urge outmuscles my nausea. I don't know why either, the word adorable isn't at all obnoxious. It just sounds wrong coming out of my mouth, like when you hear a two year old say "shit".

Anyway-Harlan is soooooooo ADORABLY DELICIOUS.

Ha. He's a cutie.

I'm not coming on to you or anything, but do you really have classic cartoon knockers?

That card is really great!

And I'm glad you've posted again.

Lindellica said...

We got Lindell's photo taken at the photo studio down from my house. $7.50. If your photoshopping doesn't work out, come on over and do it there?

Violette Crumble said...

I certainly do not have such great knockers, although I did P.B (pre-baby) have pretty good ones. Now it's a whole 'nuther story!

Bitterbetty said...

The card cracked me UP..
I love the trim Harlan is a cute as ever and I do think photoshopping a picture is MUCH easier than getting a toddler to do something they are opposed to.
re the comment on my lil' ol blog: I do get to sew about 5 hours a day. But then I get to live in a house that is consumed by chaos. I don't check on my blog friends for weeks at a time and we eat less than fabulous food. But Hey... I have to keep myself entertained!
Is sumptutious a bad adjective? Sorry I was in the retail fashion industry and thought it was industry standard vocabulary. And do you really think Angelina isn't coming on to you?

Bitterbetty said...

BTW Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!

futuregirl said...

Your hand-drawn card is awesome. So super-cool and sweet. He's got a pretty good idea about what you are juggling. :) Is your husband an animator?

futuregirl said...

Oh! And let us know how your "acrylic felt washing" tests come out. I'm totally curious -- um, I guess I could wash some myself ... but you may beat me to it. :)

AnastasiaC said...

Hope you had a great Mothers day...your man's drawing is FAB!! my man does stick figures haha...
love the velvet ribbon and ricrac...nice!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, the velvet ric rac is nice! I wonder if it would work with velvet yardage and my olfa scallop blade or if it would shred too much...must try it now!