Monday, August 20, 2007

The Album Cover

I got lucky with this photo. Harlan was running amok in his favorite playground and I was trying to get at least one non-blurry photo. I didn't have to do anything to adjust this one, it just came out great.

Last Saturday we cruised a couple of yard sales (Scored a P.D. Eastman board book for 50 cents, which is great because Harlan is learning the alphabet with these Eric Carle animal/alphabet cards and now his new board book) and then went on to my all-time favorite place to shop: The City-Wide Garage Sale. As we walked into the auditorium we noticed people coming out holding lots of good stuff. Good stuff that they should have known not to buy because I was on my way. Stuff like antique children's western rocking chairs and Haywood-Wakefield dressers. These gloaters wore badges on their chests that announced that they were Early Shoppers. Turns out anyone can get there at 8:30 (an hour and a half before the doors open to the rest of us slugs) and pay $10 to go all Wilma & Betty when the horn sounds for the sale to begin. I shouldn't complain because I got what I went for: Two antique metal wall sconce/shelves to hang in our bathrooms (no photo sorry) and some vintage embroidered pillowcases for $2 each from the guy who always has four giant tables of vintage linens in massive heaps that you have to dig through along with other crazed enthusiasts. I love how soft vintage cotton and linen bedding is. Check out the French Knots on the first one:

I also have to admit that one thing I love about Austin is the abundance of taco trucks. Here's one at the closest gas-station to our apartment to sell Willie Neilson's Biofuel(the store that carries our regular B99 was closed on Sunday and my tank was seriously empty):

I got a phone call on Saturday from the driver of the truck with all of our belongings on it. They were broken down in West Virginia. I called him this evening and he says he'll be here tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll believe it when I see it. So far I have gotten pretty good at making dinners that you can bake on tin foil and serve on plastic plates. Last night we had pecan crusted salmon, baked asparagus with parmesean, and corn on the cob. I salted it with salt packs left over from a trip to Sonic. I refuse to pay for salt when I have perfectly good salt coming to me any day now in a truck.


ness donnelly said...

hi, just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on my blog and i love the vintage linens. hope the truck gets there soon with all your belongings.

Elli D said...

I'm so happy to hear that you all made it safe and sound. You're going to have a place full of beautiful vintage finds. I'm so J! It's true... those gems you're getting there would be 10x as much in NYC. So you're in the perfect place to score all types of lovely things. I think I might have to come and visit one day.

chetanddot said...

Ah the taco truck! My favorite places to eat are taco trucks. The food is always fresh, homemade and delicious! I'm envious of all of your yummy taco carts, they must be amazing in Austin. mmm...tacos.

On another note, I cannot believe that moving company still has not delivered your stuff. A girl needs salt for god's sake!

Angelina said...

Those are all great pictures! I would have really lost it by now if I had to live that long without my stuff. Knowing it was stalled somewhere in West Virgina. What a major bummer!

However, it sounds like the end is nigh.

Why aren't there any places around here with such great bargains and pretty linens for cheap? Perhaps I'll have to come visit you some day and you can take me to all the great bargain places.

I'm impressed with the dinner you made!

Lindellica said...

Okay, do not tip the movers. In fact, I'd say sue the movers!

I am in awe of your ability, as usual, to make the lemonade with the lemons.

And I want more pictures, please!

Kim said...

You are quite the savvy thrifter! Those linens are beautiful! I've told David that when we visit Austin (in October, we've decided) that I really want to coordinate it around the city-wide garage sale (13th-14th). I'm a compulsive treasure hunter.

LOVE Harlan's album cover. It would look great framed in one of those LP frames they sell at Urban Outfitters and the Container Store.Anyway, it's had me thinking of accompanying album names, and the best I can come up with is "Harley J Rides Again".

I'm quite impresssed with your cooking (and survival!) prowess. Sure hope your salt has arrived by now.

Lots of love to you all!

Anonymous said...

it somehow seems unfair to open an hour earlier than you say you're going to if only you'll pay extra... but i guess earlybirds should be rewarded with worms and the like.

i've been meaning to take a tour of the taco trucks in my area (i believe there are blogs devoted to such things) and this is making my mouth water! also, your dinner, which sounds pretty shmancy for not having anything proper to cook it with!

Veronica TM said...

that garage sale thing sounds like heaven!! i love your pillowcases. and i love to hear that you like your new town, you make it very tempting, jessica!
that photo of harlan is so great.

Bitterbetty said...

Happily or sadly.. it does sound like you cook better with no dishes than I do with dishes.

Oh and the new life is looking mighty fine: playground, vintage embroidery, taco trucks and all.

I am lighting a candle that your moving truck is in front of your home. Right now.