Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Down in Old San Antone

I've been hard at work making different items to sell, and I won't be showing most of them here until they're all complete and Stitch is right around the corner. In the mean time here is one design I've been working on. First, I wanted to do this little bunny for a wall hanging:
I had already sewn this embroidery from early on this summer into a wall hanging:
Then the bunny's balloon reminded me of a cute shirt that Harlan received as a gift for his first birthday. It had a large number one on it. I fooled around with a couple of variations:

Last Sunday the Crumble family went for a quick drive south to San Antonio to visit our pals Ellen and Brennan and their sons Quentin and Emmett. Ellen and I were college roommates our freshman year at Reed, and Brennan came as a freshman the following year. I still remember the letter I received from Ellen the summer before we met. She told me that she loved rock 'n roll and was currently listening to Daniel Johnston, Fire Hose, The Meat Puppets, and Neil Young (also a weakness of mine). She drove her grandparents old beater while smoking and listening to the radio, and she wondered what kind of car I had and if I was bringing it with me. I knew right away that we were going to hit it off even though I didn't yet know how to drive (I was a NYC kid- none of us drove). During our spring break freshman year we embarked on a road trip to Idaho and ended up going all the way to San Antonio, Ellen's home town. It was my first trip to Texas and I was hooked!

Here we are in our dorm room, dressed up like Gun's & Rose's for fun:

And these are shots of one another that we took during that road trip, in San Antonio:

I can't believe I'm sporting the vintage men's vest in both photos. What the f was I thinking? Even worse than the fact that this look was in fashion then is that it's on its way back. I just saw it in Lucky and almost felt compelled to write them a letter telling begging them to just let it go with acid wash and the other bad late 80's fashion choices.
I almost feel badly for the models.

Ellen and I drifted in and out of touch with each other over the years since college ended, and eventually we both lived close to one another in Brooklyn. Last spring Ellen returned to San Antonio and we are neighbors once again. I think she looks exactly the same now as she did almost twenty years ago. And look what cute critters she and Brennan brought into the world:

After eating some killer breakfast burritos (San Antonio is something like 80% Mexican and the Mexican food there is amazing) we went to a local park.

The picnic house at the park looks a lot like a famous San Antonio landmark:

I got a bit lost trying to find I-35 to get home from the park, but the big blue Texas sky did not disappoint.

That's my kind of October day. Guess what else we do in Texas in October?


Lindellica said...

Long live Eggdog!

Angelina said...

You're going to make me see the best side of Texas. It's cool that you two have managed to continue to connect up with each other over the years.

Angelina said...

Oh yeah, and I love the pictures of you.

DarylE said...

Kiddo, you still look the same.. just with longer hair and more tats! Did you eat at Mi Tierra?

Kim said...

Wow -- this post is chock-full of amazing stuff. The college-era photos were a total treat and I LOVE the new embroidery work! Can't wait to see y'all in a few weeks :-)

jen said...

those sky pictures make me miss texas!

Kim said...

On second glance I've decided that the GNR poster is scarier than the vests! But that's just 'cuz I was something of a hippie in the late 80s/early 90s, and GNR was only ever a drunken guilty pleasure for me. I will DIE if acid wash ever comes back. Didn't wear it then, won't wear it now.

Do you by any chance know where that park in SA is? It looks like a cool one, and we'll be there for 4 days after we leave Austin.