Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Secrets Revealed!

Warning: If you are involved in a holiday ornament swap with me- do not scroll down unless you want to ruin your surprise.

This week I completed my 9 ornaments for one swap and sent them out. Here they are posing for you before I wraped 'em up:

Some of you MSL readers may recognize the deer. Some of you Superbuzzy fans may recognize the background fabric. I bought it to make Harlan a Christmas pillow and duvet top with.

This next ornament is going out to Emily, my swap partner for the Holiday Traditions swap (see sidebar for more info). I got the embroidery pattern from Hilary and can't wait to make more of these for myself and others for next year. I promise not to mess up the mouse head again. The sides of the ornament are hand stitched with vintage silver thread. You can't tell in the photo, but it really pulls the whole thing together.

In other holiday surprise news, my good pal since high school Lindsay gave birth to her second daughter, Tatiana. I'm posting this photo of Tatiana and older sister Natalia mostly for friends and family of mine who have known Lindsay all these years, although who doesn't enjoy seeing snuggly baby photos?

In yet EVEN MORE holiday surprise news, I keep forgetting to tell everyone that I chopped all the old hair off the noggin a couple of months ago. I came across a recent photos of Katie Holmes whose new haircut is supposed to be a rip off of Posh Spice (it's not even close in my opinion) and said to myself, Now that I can live with. I'm going to be really pissed if they print a photo of me saying I am also trying to rip off Posh because anyone can see right here that it's actually Katie whom I'm biting. I brought the photo in to Stacie (my friend and resident hair cutter) and as usual she gave me exactly what I asked for. Here are photos of me and Harlan taken earlier today at the park:


Green Kitchen said...

Your ornaments are cute. I love the red deer. I have a flocked red deer that they remind me of. Your haircut is cute and so posh. ;)

Average Jane Crafter said...

The ornaments are ADORABLE! And so is your hair. ;)

futuregirl said...

The hair is so Cutie McCutenstein! It looks super stylish and super easy to do. :) Love the ornaments for your swap.

DrRuth said...

Love the new 'do!

DarylE said...

LOVE the hair .. I am having ornmanent envy .. and cannot wait to see you!!!

jen said...

those ornaments are drool-worthy cute - lucky swap peeps!

my really good (ha, bff?) friend from the 6th grade just (as in sunday) gave birth to her first baby! my friend's name is natalie but sometimes people call her natalia. :)

hair choppers unite! i think your hair is better than katie's. seriously. actually, you have the hair i want! no one ever listens to me when i go in for a cut. :)

Veronica TM said...

i LOVE your hair! it looks beautiful. i will let you know if i read something about you ripping off posh spice.
and those ornaments, so very cute!!
congratulations to your friend, that baby is so cute!

Violette Crumble said...

Thanks friends! When Stacie first cut my hair and blew it dry it looked much nicer and closer to Katie's do.

Bean said...

1 - I *love* the ornaments!! You've got some lucky swap partners! Don't you just love Hillary's patterns?? :)

2 - Love the haircut, too! I've been cutting my own bob for awhile now, I should really get it done professionally, it looks so much nicer!

3 - Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love making new friends, and it looks like we have a lot in common :D

Kim said...

Regardless of the inspiration, I just think this 'do showcases every feature of your face, from your jawline to your eye, so beautifully. And HJ's getting in on the cool hair act with those cute curls again!

Love the ornaments, too :-)

Angelina said...

The Katie do and the Posh do are two totally different dos. I have to confess that though it embarrasses me greatly-I love the Posh do and I think she stole it from me.

Or, she would have, if any hairdressers had ever understood what the hell I was telling them I wanted.

I love your new hair!

Anonymous said...

wow, look at that sassy new do! it looks fresh and fits you so well!!