Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Abby Don't Look

I know this is lame, but I'm posting a photo of a birthday/housewarming gift before I mail it. So, Abby stop looking (or else look if you want to know what is coming your way soon). Here is what I made last week. With help from the Goddess of Vintage Embroidery Patterns, I was lucky enough to score a set of the busy bees transfers. There is a tee towel with an additional busy bee coming next, but I couldn't wait to show this one off. I used some Japanese bee fabric to contrast with the plain muslin.

Bathroom #1 is complete and I need to figure out a way to photograph a very tiny room in order to show it off. Bathroom #2 is on hold as my contractor called this morning (the day bathroom #2 was supposed to be demolished) to tell me he has a hernia on his leg (?) and he would like to start the bathroom next week. I don't know what to expect, but I sure am happy to have at least one excellent place to bathe.

Rose & Duke got a good review this week on the celebrity baby clothes blog.

Breakfast of the week:
This oat bran banana bread is some seriously good shit. Let me tell you, if you like banana bread, this is the way to go. Take your old bananas and follow this recipe. However, and this is important, substitute raisins for dried cherries, and be sure to dump in a good amount of the secret ingredient garam marsala.
My friend Jen. W. back in Brooklyn taught me this tip, and I must say that garam marsala in oat bran banana bread is to regular banana bread as watching regular t.v. is to watching t.v. with Tivo: Once you've had the new version, you're never going back.

P.S. Austinites: Did you know that a loaf of banana bread costs $12 at Texas French Bread? Are they F'ing kidding me? I don't even think that the obnoxiously overpriced Dean & Deluca in SoHo charges that much. If this kind of price inflation is a result of New Yorkers moving to town, I humbly apologize, and offer you my secret banana bread recipe as a peace offering.


jen said...

congrats on the review and that overmitt is super cute! and yellow, my favorite kitchen color.

(i was going to say it's bee-utiful but thought that was way too cheesy...ha, sorry)

Angelina said...

I love the oven mitt! I also love the t-shirt with the ric rac tree.

That is an outrageous price for banana bread. I fear the day when it actually costs that much to make it. I love garam masala but I admit I'm not convinced I would like it with bananas. I wish I could just come over and snag a taste.

Daryl E said...

OH .. I love the oven mitt and I would like a slice o'nana bread please!

Kim said...

I can see the sweetness of very ripe bananas balancing quite nicely with garam masala. I usually put some nutmeg and a clove in my pumpkin or banana bread, so I obviously really dig those earthy undertones :-) I need to try some oat bran, though. I will try your recipe when Hayden and I next bake.

Love the oven mitt. But stating that I like your work seems pretty redundant at this point, doesn't it? But I do really like the embroidery paired with the bee fabric ... I especially love the pairing of whimsy and functionality :-)

And congrats on the review!

Anonymous said...

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JenniferW said...

oh honey but with raisins you are missing out on the banana-currant-garam masala triumvirate! Ya gotta use currants. And when I dig it up, I'll comment with my 'riginal 'nana oat bran oatmeal currant garam masala recipe.

Hurrayic said...

I just found your blog. The recipe caught my eye - how much garam masala do you usually put into the bread recipe?