Thursday, November 23, 2006

About Violette Crumble

I tried typing this jibber jabber in the "About Me" section but it was too much text apparently.

1. Violette Crumble because I love chocolate candies, and Violet Crumble is one of my favorites. Adding an extra 'te' to the end of Violet makes me sound French even though in French the word would be spelled Violet. See's Candy is my favorite American chocolate, so if you live in CA and want to stalk me, please do so by sending boxes of See's.

2. I am a SAHM, and if you know what that is, you may be one too.

3. I am also a WAHM, and if you know what that is you are wasting time online right now instead of working.

4. I have a small business designing and embroidering baby clothes. My website is up and running but in the middle of a major redesign, so please check it out but also check back in a month or so. I am also a special education teacher who is part way through her masters and not working because the salary would cancel out the cost of childcare in NYC.

5. I grew up here in NYC, but also lived in Portland OR for a rockin' rainy, cheap-eatin', bus-riding, Mt. Hood Skiing, college going five or six years. From there I lived in SF for a year, and then down to Austin TX, before coming home to a city that is no longer affordable for the middle class. I will gripe about this affordability issue a lot in this blog, so if you don't want to hear it, you have been warned.

4. I am a direct descendant of Nathaniel Greene, namesake of the neighborhood I live in. I think that this lineage entitles me to a free house on any street in the neighborhood that I choose.

5. I choose one of those houses that looks like it belongs in Lafayette Louisiana, over on Cumberland or Adelphi. Maybe even one of those giant victorians on Clinton Ave (but not one facing those ugly ass co-ops that were built as PJs).

6. If you own one of those homes and can spare to donate it to me, please call me right away. You can have my crummy rental apartment with the leaky windows that the landlord has been promising to fix for the past eight years.
If you can not tell that this photo is of a window that is because the window is being held closed with an umbrella and a French/English dictionary, as well as covered by plastic that has been adhered to the malfunctioning frame by staples and duct tape. The landlord last promised that the windows would be replaced NEXT WEEK. I will keep you posted on this, as it's become a running joke around here. P.S. If anyone can tell me how to post a photo anywhere I want in a post as opposed to at the top of the post, please let me know!

7. I have a lot of crafty projects going on. I will photograph them and post them next week.

8. I consider myself a very good baker, but not as good as Nancy F. who also lives in the hood. She has a real gift. Everything she has baked that I have tried is hands down the best version of whatever recipe she made. This includes red velvet cake, gingerbread cake, lemon poppy scones, ice cream, crazy dips with ingredients from Sahadis, and much more.
Today I made a lovely Italian almond plum tart to bring to our hosts' house for thanskgiving. I wish I had photographed it, it was divine. I plan on doing a serious post about the best baked goods in Brooklyn. You need to know where they are, and I can tell you. I've done the research.

9. I love my life and thank the powers that be for it every day, in between kvetching about the windows leaking and lugging the hefty toddler up the four flights of stairs along with the bags from Pathmark and Do Reams. I constantly seek ways to be as charitable as possible and to help the world by starting locally, but I also won't hesitate to call someone on the street an assface if they yell at me to put a hat on that baby when it's 70 freaking degrees out.

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