Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting back to business

Well, Thanksgiving was fun and low-key after a week of my entire family being sick. I was really feeling good and sorry for myself for not having a nanny or even a mother who is retired and could come watch poor snuffly Harlan while I lay around in my joint aching feverish misery. Our pediatrician reported to me that we suffered from a virus that apparently everyone in Fort Greene has right now. I'm seriously getting a flu shot next week. It's difficult enough taking care of myself when ill, but taking care of a sick baby on top of it really just breaks the proverbial camel's back. On to bigger and better topics: Crafting! I made a new design for my business and I love it.
Sacred hearts have always fascinated me, along with a lot of other Catholic imagery. I have two great aunts who are nuns and as a young girl I always wanted to be one too so that I could wear the cool outfits and a big old cross around my neck. For some reason that didn't exactly work out. Regardless, I got the inspiration for this particular design from a painting in my bedroom. It's an antique from Mexico painted on tin.

I also made one of my older designs Banana Cowboy on a blue shirt instead of a while one, and I must say I quite like it.


Haakpoes said...

Love the banana comboy!

Haakpoes said...

Of course I mean cowboy, sorry!