Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A gift for Beverly W.

I mailed this framed embroidery today to Beverly, the talented midwife who delivered my giant baby boy after I labored for 36 hours. Without her expertise and encouragement (as Joe put it she is part drill sergeant and part cheerleader) I would surely have had a C-section. She even told me at one point during the end of the laboring that the OBs were sharpening their knives outside the door so I had better hurry it along. Two weekends ago Beverly's daughter threw a party to celebrate the opening of Beverly's private practice, Fruition Midwifery. Unfortunately we were all sick at the time and could not make it. I wish I could be there to see her when she opens this gift, but I'm happy just knowing she'll receive it. I embroidered the sign using a vintage pattern for the daisies and Joe drew the bumble bee and the lettering for me. I bought a new piece of glass for a lovely antique frame that I am sad to part with, but it's for a good cause.
Now that that's done with I am getting back to work and embroidering several pink cherry onesies to sell on a new site through amazon that will be showcasing "up and coming" designers. It's supposed to launch in a week or two so stay tuned...

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JenniferW said...

This is beautiful, J. What a thoughtful gift for someone who is so important in H's life! Avoiding a C-section gets that woman an afterlife in bonbon heaven, if you ask me (just call me Scar).