Sunday, December 3, 2006

Hello, it is you I'm looking for!

This is an image of where my recent activity has come from. Not bad considering I have only told one friend about this blog. I am obsessed with how the Internet has created so many new communities throughout the world and I love that I can partake. At my last full time job I worked in advertising production in a photo studio and there was a good amount of downtime. I spent countless hours on Craigslist, doling out advice to strangers on romance and talking about food and politics instead of watching the clock on the black walls. It turns out that many other people were stuck in offices with plenty of time to waste online, and within a couple of months my social life included all of these new friends whom I would not have met without this newfangled magical Internet invention. I am so happy to still have them in my "real" life. Blogging opens doors to communities as well, which I suppose is what I'm doing with this one. I know I ought to take the plunge soon and try spreading the word but for now I'm just waiting to see who stumbles upon it. Cuba? Africa? The Ukraine? Whom in these places has read about the stupid chicken pillow I picked up at Do Reams? I hope that you will say hello, either by posting a quick comment or by sending an e-mail to let me know you are out there.


JenniferW said...

Chicken pillows in the Ukraine, it ain't nothin' but a little ol' poultry in motion. Nyark, nyark.

Little Min said...

Hi there Violette. Have just stumbled across your blog via a trail from loobylu i think, although i've lost track. Am lurking around the blogospere from Melbourne, working up to starting my own, but for now am enjoying the snippets of insight into the lives of interesting people. Am enjoying the photos of your neighbourhood and your crafting pursuits.