Sunday, January 21, 2007

The elephant in the room

I'm full of good news this Sunday. The jerk whom I sold the boots to on ebay dropped his claim against me, although my negative feedback stands. I suppose I should just be happy that I don't have to deal with a refund and reselling the boots, but the whole thing just left a sour taste in my mouth. I don't know why but I am consistently disappointed when people act immorally. I celebrated the good news yesterday by making some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies:

These sure hit the spot. What's better than a homemade one of these? Not much, except perhaps a completed WIP:

How cute did he turn out? Pretty cute, although I will admit that it was tricky to sew the underside to the main portion of the body and it came out a bit wonky, especially around the trunk. I am going to try another because I think it's such a great animal that I plan on selling a few once I have the seams all straightened out. The giant houndstooth corduroy comes from good old reprodepot and the the felt on the back of his ears is from Brooklyn General over in Carroll Gardens. I loooooove this store so much, not only because it is owned and run by one of my wonderful midwives, but because they carry all the lines of fabric I love the most (Denyse Schmidt, Heather Bailey, etc.) and they also have deadstock vintage fabric and tons of other crafty goodies. They have a fantastic yarn selection too. I could pretty much just move in and be happy. In fact if I did, I could even give birth there pretty confidently (not that I plan on a repeat of that experience any time soon).
In apartment news, my landlord's wife and son moved out of the ground floor apartment a couple of weeks ago and now there is absolutely no way Con Ed or Keyspan will ever get a chance to read our meters. To add insult to injury there is no one taking out the garbage or changing the lightbulbs in the hallway. I attempted to take care of the garbage by buying some giant thick hefty bags and went to put them in the trash cans, but the cans are so full of decomposing food and sneakers and circulars that the smell almost knocked me out. I quickly tossed a bag on top of the compost and figured that the other two tenants and myself could just place our garbage in the remaining area and then we could drag the giant bags to the curb on garbage night. Problem solved right? The only problem with this scenario is that several bags of garbage piled in one large bag is pretty fucking heavy. I wasn't able to life it at all. To add salt to the wound of insult that already was added to injury the landlord rang our doorbell one night last week at 10:30 PM to get our phone number. This is a habit of his. He has rang my doorbell at inappropriate hours to get my phone number at least four times in the past eight years, so I was not surprised. In fact once when I didn't answer he LET HIMSELF IN and knocked on my bedroom door! Gross! Anyhow, this time around Joe went out to deal with him and told him about the garbage and the meters to which Landlord replied with a typical grunt (I swear he is a Neanderthal that could make serious bank up at the museum of natural history). Joe also told him that I paid his $987 Con Ed bill so that they would not turn off service in our halls or the empty apartment with the boiler that supplies our heat and hot water. To this he replied, "No, I think I paid that already." Oh, my mistake! I guess Con Ed sent me a letter telling me I had a legal right to pay the bill and deduct it from my rent just to mess with the landlord. And now for the piece de resistance: The windows. Mr. Landlord was also at our door to inform us that the infamous windows would be replaced on Saturday. The coldest day all winter. We told him absolutely not, so instead he is coming next Saturday. Don't even get me started. Well, I like to end these posts on a pleasant note, so here is shot of my sweet Bub in his tub.

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Elliette Devine said...

umph! your landlord is a total douche. your elephant reminds me of these sock monkeys that my friend nicole and i want to make. stuffed animals be da bomb!