Monday, January 15, 2007

The happy mondays

Well, I could say I have a case of the happy mondays, but it's a dreary cold one and Joe is ill on his day off. This past weekend was fun all around although I certainly did not get any work or crafting accomplished. Saturday turned out to be one of those days for me- it actually began on Friday (the "one of those days" theme that is) when I had my first bad ebayer experience. This guy I sold some vintage boots to wrote me an accusatory e-mail after having received them, claiming they were "all torn up". I asked him to send me a photo because this was news to me. Instead of replying he went straight to Paypal and had a freeze put on the amount of money he paid me and reported that I sent him an item that was inaccurately described. I replied via Paypal saying that the boots were as photographed on the auction. He put a claim on the money and has 30 days to get a letter from a vintage clothing dealer asserting that the boots are beyond reasonable wear for being 50 odd years old. If he can get such a letter he can get a refund. While I would only be out under $30 for shipping and ebay fees, it's the principle that gets me. Not only do I now have my first bad feedback out of over 100, but I just don't understand why this dude would want to go through so much trouble rather than just send me a picture of the so-called "all torn up" boots. I suppose it's because they are not torn up at all and he just doesn't like them for whatever reason. It's beyond my control nonetheless, so I don't let it get to me.
So, that was Friday night. Saturday was rainy and we took Harlan out for a walk hoping to get our heads cleared up. Instead we had to witness a bum's bum. We stood at the intersection of Flatbush and 3rd, at that bummish triangle in front of the pawn shops. You know the one, it's where all the winos congregate and the traffic cops hang out. Anyhow, we waited to cross and suddenly I looked over and saw a guy with his pants and underpants (if he had any) all the way down, getting into the squat position. I turned quickly away and shouted, "Don't look!" to Joe, who of course looked. Luckily the light changed and we were able to scurry across Flatbush without too much emotional damage being incurred. Good old New York. Everything went uphill after that and we had a lovely dinner out at Lulu's over on DeKalb after peeping into the window of the new Bonita Mexican place. It was packed and we decided to try it another time. I had a wonderful boullabaise (sp?) and a glass of well deserved red wine. No cigarette, but apparently even the French are giving it up. Sunday was spent baking wonderful blueberry muffins and making a frittata for friends who came over. Today Harlan is napping and I wasted the whole time adding bookmarks to my new stylehive feed. Check out the new banner on the sidebar to see all the things on the internet that I want to buy when I win Lotto. It's pretty addictive so watch out.

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