Monday, January 8, 2007

Free things come to those who give things for free.

It's all about karma. Today someone came and picked up our imac after I posted it on I threw in some fun games like Tombraider and Star Wars. On Sat. I dropped a big bag off at Salvation Army containing many unused things which I just don't want. Last week we gave away our working but outdated printer on Freecycle. What did I get in return? Well let me tell you. While reading a bunch of great new (to me) crafty blogs this evening I stumbled across a link to Puchi Collective, a site dedicated to patterns for Blythe and similar dolls, as well as some fabulous Japanese looking stuffed critters that seem pretty easy to whip up by hand. I am fur-eak-ing out (pun intended). I downloaded some free patterns and now my To Do list is ten miles long. My poor Blythe will have a whole new look by this spring. Or at least some animals. What, did you think I was sewing stuffed animals for Harlan? He only things that make noise when you throw them. Hopefully one day he will appreciate his homemade menagerie, but for now they're all for me.

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Frizz said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment!
Make sure to check out Jam Fancy's blog too...
Don't you love finding new peeps!
I'll be back!