Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cowboy Theme- Just in Time

Here are the embroideries I've done this past week. They'll be turned into various children's items and put on etsy as soon as they're finished. I had some trouble getting good photos so I'll have to re do them.

Cowgirl and cowboy kitties version 1 on linen/cotton:

Version two on vintage linen napkin:

Close ups of fireflies and French knots:

Banana cowboy on blue cotton:

Cowboy kitten on green cotton:

The big news here is that after two years of planning we're moving to Austin this summer. Joe got a job starting in mid-August. I'm relieved because this was a plan we came up with so that we could afford to buy a comfortable house in an area we have friends in, where I could continue to stay home with Bub for a while longer before returning to full time work, and where I don't have to deal with subway anxiety. I'm sad because I'll miss all of our friends and family who are here, and I'm scared because it's the unknown, even though I've moved to new cities several times in my adult life (two of those times being to Austin). This is the first time I brought two family members with me so I feel more responsibility and I can no longer toss everything into a Ryder truck (U-Haul sucks) and go.

I might even have a craft room one day :)


Bitterbetty said...

OOOOH.. I think that Austin sounds like a great place to live and raise your cute Bub. The DIY spirit there is amazing and you are already embroidering the Cutest Cowboys so the rest of Texas will just love Ya!

Angelina said...

I'm really excited for you! I've heard lots of great things about Austin. Too hot for me though.

I love the banana cowboy!

floresita said...

Oh, I hope you'll love Austin!!! You're the second NY-er I know of who is moving there this summer - people there are so friendly I'm sure you'll make lots of friends quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, how exciting to move (and especially to be able to afford a place of your own). although i felt very nostalgic during my recent visit to new york and kept telling myself ways that we could've made it work, i do remember that new york was eating us alive. although sometimes it feels so slow in berkeley, i'm so glad we live close to lots of families and have a yard to play in. congrats. also love that kewpie cowbow in blue.

btw, i've tagged you for a meme of how kids' names, in case you're interested in playing!