Friday, June 1, 2007

Harry is just easier to understand.

I've been tagged by Shiso Mama for a meme about names:

Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

I have had my children's names picked out since my early twenties. I've stuck to them as well. The names I have for girls are still just waiting to be used on a future daughter, even though one of the names has become slightly popular (Talullah nickname Lula). The other name will probably never be popular, Luciana. These names go with my basic theme for good names: Either they are names that sound southern and old fashioned or they are Italian. My number one boy's name has always been Harlan. I don't know where I first heard this name (or Talullah for that matter, but I did have a neighbor named Luciana when I lived out in Bensonhurst which is where I basically fell in love with all the Italian names). When I worked at Tiffany's and told all my coworkers that my favorite boy names were Harlan Clyde and Rocco they all spat food out of their mouths with laughter (it was lunch time). They said it sounded like I would have a litter of bullies.

Well who's laughing now, huh? I get complimented on Harlan's name often and he's the only one I have come across who is under the age of thirty. When I was pregnant Joe and I decided on two things together about the name, 1) that it would be Clyde, because Joe wasn't sure about Harlan but we both liked Clyde, and 2) that we would keep the name quiet until the baby was born. Thing #2 was a fantastic piece of advice given to me by my old friend Lindsay from when she was pregnant with her daughter seven years ago. She told me that everyone has an opinion and that most people are underwhelmed by whatever name you tell them. Sooo true. I have so many friends with babies now who had miserable results from telling their families the chosen names prior the the birth. One friend even had her mother in law burst into tears at the suggestion of the name Lulu. The MIL told her that the name should really be a family decision (since when?) and that she would die if she had a granddaughter named Lulu. They ended up giving Lulu a different first name but they all call her Lulu. Oy.

So how did Clyde become Harlan you ask? When I was in labor it was rough. The major contractions lasted 36 hours and there was back labor involved. After the first 12 hours at home I decided I could not handle any more "natural" childbirth and begged to be given anything to take the pain away. The anesthesia lasted for a while, but had to be re-administered over the next day and then taken away during the final hours of pushing so that I would be able to feel what I was doing as I pushed out the ten and a half pound baby-man. Needless to say Joe told me during this time that I could name the baby whatever I wanted.

When I called my grandmother and told her Harlan was born and that his name was Harlan her response was (imagine this being said in a Boston accent), "Well don't you just think people will call him Harry? It's so much easier to understand." To this day I like to call Harlan Handsome Harry as a nickname.

Not much crafting going on right now- lots of preparing to move: Looking at houses online, figuring out plans on how to deal with everything from getting a TX teaching certificate to a bio fueled car to what to keep and what to sell and give away. Plus I can't breathe out of my nose. Clairitin and Sudafed don't do squat. If anyone has any suggestions I'm begging you to put me out of my mouth-breathing misery.

By the way, for the meme I'm tagging Anastasia, Bitter Betty, Angelina, Veronica, and Ruth.


Angelina said...

That is a great story! I will respond to the tag in a matter of days (maybe even hours?)

I think all the names you like are wonderful-I have always loved the name Tahlulah and Clyde is fantastic too. I have always loved the name Angus, but can you even imagine the fuss an American family would make over that one?

Natasha said...

Such thought put into the names I did the same with my children.

I love Tahlulah!!

I actually have a brother in law named Harlan and was so suprised to see that name- you are right as he is well over thirty and the nicest teddy of a man!!

Kim said...

Alavert worked very well for me in my allergy days. (Though getting a new mattress really did the trick.) Feel better.

Assuming that the Lulu story is about KPR? If so, what's Lulu's "real" name? She is SUCH a Lulu. She will do that name proud. So glad they stood their ground and call her that.

When I told my Grangum that we'd be naming the baby Hayden she replied, "What kind of name is that?" I found her tactlessness highly amusing, as always. Meanwhile, her brother recently had a great grandson arrive who was also named Hayden. "Imagine that! Two of them!" Grangum exclaimed. My mom, in turn, was horrified that a) I did not name her after her father even though she KNOWS we named her for David's mom; and b) that my thrice-surnamed daughter has such an un-Jewish name, and so she's nicknamed her Muffy.

And, yes, by the way, Harlan is a supercool name :-)

Lindellica said...

I hear you on the naming thing. I just get a lot of "huh? Linda?" and half the time I just say, yes, that's right.

And I hope that you dont mind that I think of him as 'Harlany.' When he's older I will come up with something more dignified as a nickname.

Anonymous said...

A great story. And names really are so personal. After I told my family that we named our son Otis, they all looked rather blank, and my brother said on the phone, "Oh. Is that final?"

I've heard from doctors that medicated nasal sprays can actually become rather addictive and then stop working, and may in fact cause more stuffiness. I always use saline nasal spray and it helped during my sinus infection, and my doctor even recommended it for daily use to keep colds away.

AnastasiaC said...

I love all your name choices! Harlan is a great name! quite unique too!
Lucia is one of my favourite girl names!
Tahlulah has quite a british feel to it!

dottie angel said...

hello my chocolate loving friend...i do not know the site as my man found it, but if you google british food i believe there are on line stores that ship from within the states..i have learnt to let a lot of things go, but teabags and chocolate spread, i can't live with out!!

Veronica TM said...

i love the name harlan and i think your friend was so right, everybody has an opinion about names.
luciana is pretty popular in argentina, but i don't think you have to worry about that.
congratulations on the move! let me know if you need anything.
i just sent you an email.

Veronica TM said...

oh, and thank you for tagging me, i will do the meme soon.

Magpie said...

Breathing suggestion: I use Allertonic because it has stinging nettle as the main ingredient and it clears my head right up. And Xylitol nasal spray helps with the sinus congestion I get. :D