Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The House

We put a bid (a low bid) on a house in a great neighborhood, just minutes from where Joe will work. The neighborhood has been steadily going up in value for the last ten years when the first gays moved in and spruced up the fifties limestone houses into Dwell magazine modern homes. I'm not big on the new modern aesthetic, I'm more of a Victorian and fin de siecle kind of gal, but I can definitely fall in love with the fifties kitchens and spacious floorplans. And the small turn of the century homes that I saw were just way too small and un air conditioned. So here's the deal: We may not end up with this house but I wanted to be able to show it to friends and family and this format beats a massive e-mail with tons of attachments. I hope everyone else in the internets enjoys a little voyeurism into my life:

Going in the front door (I'm not showing the full front of the house for privacy/safety reasons):

Window to the right of the front door:

This funky shelf is by the thru-way to the kitchen/dining area:

Stacie is looking through the window into the garage door. When she looks to the left she sees this built-in:

Across from this built-in is the kitchen:

Spice cabinet under big cabinets:

There is also an oven built into the wall and a fridge and washer dryer that isn't hooked up:

Behind this area is a door that goes to what we call the "mother in law" annex. It's an addition that has three rooms, railroad style. The back room has tons of built-in shelves. I would probably use this area for a craft workshop and library to house all our books since the air conditioner is a wall unit and there is no central heat in this addition:

Back in the main house are three bedrooms. The master is L-shaped and has a bathroom in it. This is the linen closet and toilet:

Here is parts of the other bedrooms. It's hard to get a whole room in a shot:

Other bathroom:
So cool!
Fenced in back yard:

Jen and Yoshi saying hi to remind everyone that I will have friends with babies Harlan's age:


Angelina said...

I want this house! That's what my house lacks-the cool details. I have a midcentury house with NO cool details.

I could never live with the heat down there anyway.

I hope you get it. That kitchen kicks butt!

Violette Crumble said...

The heat is a serious downside, but the way I see it we spend about 4 to 5 months inside in NY to escape the cold, so it's the same down there except it's sunny outside and the days are long.

Kim said...

Looks very cool -- This is very, very exciting! All of our fingers remain crossed for y'all!! Hugs from Berkeley -- we'll be back in a week.

futuregirl said...

OMG ... that back yard! And everything else, too. So awesome. I love looking at houses. I like thinking about all the possibilities. I can't wait to see where you end up living and all the fun you have making it your own. :)

Sharkeysday said...

Love it! Welcome to the world of blonde brick ranches! Maybe you can start a houseblog (see my blog list!). Love the details!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your bid being accepted! look at all that space! the plethora of storage! the huge backyard! i personally love all that 50's styling. yay! you must feel relieved...

jungle dream pagoda said...

This is a very cute house! I am big on midcentury modern,you get hooked pretty fast! I noticed a stacked wash/dry unit,this is also what we have(space only for a laundry closet),and unfortunately it will give you fits!The floor to cieling windows and cute details will more than make-up for this hopefully!