Friday, June 15, 2007

Look what I got!

Aside from an electric toothbrush embroidery hoop and lens cap I got a house.
Our bid was accepted and I'm already picking out Anthropologie resin cabinet pulls for my new 50's kitchen. Unfortunately this is about all we can afford to do to the house right now. Who cares though? We got a cool house that we can call our own.

Are you wondering about Harlan and the embroidery hoop/electric toothbrush/ lens cap/ Yahoo Serious hair-do photo? All of a sudden he is into everything. It's a constant trail of destruction. His favorite new toys are my large embroidery hoop, which he throws over his neck, and my electric toothbrush. I have to buy him his own (toothbrush, not hoop). I grabbed my camera to take a photo and of course he had to nab the lens cap before running off with all three, only to drop the lens cap and pick up my sandal which he then threw in the toilet. This morning I ran around trying to get everything together to go meet some friends in the playground and I couldn't find Harlan's left sandal anywhere (note to self: buy more than one pair of shoes for Harlan). We put on his too-small sneakers and left. I finally found the missing shoe this evening in my top desk drawer which is usually secured with a safety thingamajiggy. I must have left it unlocked. Apparently Harlan's cohorts are in the same phase. I saw my friend Kara today who is 7 months pregnant, and her son Arthur who is about a week apart from Harlan in age. The rascal had her chasing him all over the street as he opened people's gates, pulled dirt out of people's planters and dumped it on their front steps, and then ran into the middle of three deaf guys having a heated discussion in sign-language on their front lawn. The guys all thought it was pretty cute and so did I, but I was in awe of Kara's mellowness as she carried him over her swollen belly, kicking and screaming. She didn't even raise her voice or seem annoyed as she said, "No hitting buddy". I feel like she's an angel and I'm going to turn into a crazy Jewish mother running around screaming at my kid every time he gets a crumb on the floor (O.K. Not even close to reality, but I just feel that way). I think I am ready to sign up for anger management half the time.

You know what's great about having our own house? No more crazy landlord. Oh, did I tell you the latest in the Landlord Chronicles? Months back I ordered a year's worth of Croq zines from Heather in Portland. A month went by and I never received them. I e-mailed her and she had mailed them Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and it was signed for. Neither of my neighbors would steal my mail, nor would they sign for my mail and lose it somehow. I was stumped. Heather was generous enough to send me new copies. FF to last week, I walk in the vestibule and what should I see but the original package. According to my neighbors their months-old lost packages showed up the same day. We can only deduce that Landlord had been signing for our packages and just keeping them in his basement apartment because he was too lazy to walk them up the front steps to our entryway. Classic.

One more bragger shot: This is Harlan in his new, super soft Baby Beehinds bamboo and cotton diaper.


Angelina said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Having a house is so awesome. No more crazy landlord and you can paint whatever colors you want on your walls and you will have more room to live in. I would have to reread the last post to remember, but it sounds like you could have a craft room of your own?

I confess that I am very envious of the fifties kitchen. I will just imagine that someday I will have the money to recreate a good kitchen in my ranch house.

I just bought a Croq magazine at the craft fair I went to. I haven't spent time reading it yet but it seems pretty cool.

I am constantly amazed at calm moms. I'm not one of them.

Kim said...

Yahooooey! Congratulations!! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Three bedrooms, a craft room, an amazing backyard AND an awesome pink-n-black bathroom a la the San Jose. Y'all scored bigtime.

Okay, so I *was* wondering about Harlan's curls. Did he just grow those, or is it that hot & humid back in Brooklyn? Either way, they're supercute.

Hayden is also into everything in a HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA COOK THIS KID HER DAMN DINNER kinda way. We've taken to calling her meshuggenah. And my mom totally was that crazy Jewish mom. TO this day, she's proud that her Cousin Arthur The Surgeon said he could perform surgery on her kitchen floor.

I'll stop typing now -- I'm hijacking yer blog.

AnastasiaC said...

Congrats!!! thats FAB news!!!
Im really excited for you guys,the house
looks great - what a huge yard!
cant wait to see what you do with it! Im no calm mum...I try I really do!

futuregirl said...

Yay!!! That's so awesome! What a relief it will be to get away from that nasty landlord. What a great house.

Elliette Devine said...

!!!!! congratulations to such a wonderful family. that house looks gorgeous.

wow. i can't wait to see it when it's all decorated, and imagine how much you will have to blog about when you get there, and you're around all of the wonderful, not picked over stores that you will have access to!

an entire house! that's all yours! that you will be able to decorate. i hope to have that one day.

im going to miss you guys. i am so happy for you! you should leave something stinky for your landlord before you leave. put chicken bones in the back of his shirt drawer or somethin (if you can get in there. haha yea right), and then he won't know where the smell is coming from and that'll show him!

(that was the 5 year old in me talking)

i owe you a phone call! so happy for you! xoxox