Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wa Wah Waaaaahhhh*

*As in the sound the trumpet makes when the punchline is corny.

The house inspector's report arrived in my inbox this morning. As Harlan scampered beneath my feet, trying to climb into the revolving office chair, I leaned over him and read the computer screen while my heart stopped. The roof, foundation, plumbing, HVAC, and electric have major problems and all need to be replaced or repaired. Any other problems other than everything major you ask? Why yes! There is mold and moisture damage in the walls. But there is brand new carpet and fresh paint on the all the walls,!

The real estate agent called and let me know that the roof, foundation and electric issues could be fixed before our move-in date of August 1. She offered to research the cost and then approach the seller to make these repairs for us. Sounds good! I hung up the phone and all I could see was moldy walls and leaky AC ducts so I e-mailed her to let her know that it's just way too much for a house that was not priced as a fixer-upper. Now I'm thinking our best bet is to get a rental and pound the pavement for a fifties ranch house that is in working condition. I still want my original kitchen and bath, none of that granite and marble crap.
On a cheerier and craftier note, here are my scores from Renegade last weekend:
Suitcase and pail from Pixigenne!
Cool silkscreened and appliqued T-shirt for Harlan (his handmade wool shorties/ diaper cover also arrived in my mail this week from royalbuns):

And of course a sad rotten banana and a happy good egg from My Paper Crane:

I also got a lovely package in the mail from Veronica of Petunia fame. It included a handmade ribbon brooch that now lives happily on my diaper bag, a quilted card, and some vintage buttons that I put away before photographing them to keep Harlan from eating them:


futuregirl said...

Ugh! And I thought the home inspection we had was the worst. You beat ours by a mile. The low point for us was when we followed the inspector around the whole house while he tested the outlets, "Yep, they wired this one upside down, too. This one's right. Upside down. This one two ..."

Well, you'll have a chance to take your time this way, right? :)

futuregirl said...

Uh. "too" not "two" :)

Veronica TM said...

oh, i am sending you good energy so you can find the house of your dreams soon!
your renegade finds are so great!
and yay! you received the package, thank you for being so patient and kind, jessica! i haven't made the smock yet, i think i will start with a skirt {i have a pattern i have been wanting to make} and then i will make it. as soon as my mom leaves i think i will have more time.

Angelina said...

That is such a bummer! What a let down. But you're probably right to rent in the area while you look. You'll get a really clear idea of what neighborhoods you most want to be in (though maybe you already know).

The pin is lovely! (and the banana and egg are super cute.)

Sharkeysday said...

oh, that is way way too sad! I agree tho mold, etc is a bad thing...especially since so much more needed to be done.

I'm sure the perfect house is out there (or maybe they will call and ask you to take that one off their hands for 1/2 the price!). Good luck! But sounds like a good decision!

bitter betty said...

yipes. Better safe than sorry. we bought an expensive Cali fixer and will be fixing until we die, I think. Next weekend the rewiring of the entire house is underway.

someday we hope to get to the foundation..

How cool to get to go to Renegade. I have craftfair envy! And boy did you select some of my super craft heroes!

Elliette Devine said...

hey lady. i'm very sorry to hear about the moldy walls. this just means that a much better house awaits you guys. i am sending good vibes your way.

wow! august first. that's coming up so soon. i better better better see you guys before then! days fly by so fast. i have this week off. maybe i can bike over and visit for a little while before you guys get too hectic packing!

jen said...

wow, you've got some really cute stuff!