Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ladies, check their shoes FIRST!!!

OK blogland friends, I have been sitting on this juicy story for a couple of months now, and I can't keep it to myself any longer. To those of you ladies who are single, and to all of us who remember being single, what is one of the first things you check out when you meet a man you might be interested in? It's the shoes, right? He might be cute, but if he's just wearing jeans and a t-shirt or some other nondescript outfit, it's always necessary to see the shoes so that you know if he's going go home and put The Clash on his stereo, if he's more of a Dave Matthews kind of guy. Yes, there are other kinds of guys too, but I find that most young men fall into one of these two basic categories. Well, today I have to tell you all that a good friend of mine was out on the town a couple of months ago, and she definitely went a little too far "into her cups" as they say in the south. She brought home a gentleman whom she had met several times before, and the next morning, she saw HIS SHOES for the first time. Can you imagine the horror? That's all I'm going to say here my friends. I should warn any of you at work that when I sent the link to those shoes to a couple of girlfriends at work, they laughed so hard and so loud, that they had to share the shoes with everyone else in their offices.

In news from my home front, there has been a bunch of hand-embroidering going on for the upcoming Maker's Faire in October. We also celebrated Joe's birthday this weekend, with a surprise (that I arranged) visit from Joe's best buddy Neilson.
Luckily Neilson enjoys good food, and so we spent the weekend doing the local gastronomic tour. First stop was at Torchy's Taco truck which recently merged with another truck called Shuggies (I think) in a larger space. Joe ordered the chicken fried BLT from Shuggies, and it was phenomenal. Cushioned in between a squooshy hoagie roll was lettuce, tomato, some green chilies, mayonnaise, and several pieces of bacon that have been fried in fried chicken batter. The bacon tasted totally crispy and surprisingly light.
We also got to sample some tasty jalapeno hush puppies. Oh yea. Of course some tacos were part of the meal as well.
I'm pretty sure this is the barbacoa taco with queso fresco, cilantro, avocado, and lime.

I baked a chocolate cake for Joe's birthday and got lots of help from Harlan, who is recently really into helping me bake. Any time he hears the Kitchen Aid mixer going and he's not already helping, he comse running in with his stool and slides it up to couter to help.


Beverly said...

I bet the cake was delicious. Bravo to the two diligent cooks!

Daryl said...

Happy belated b'day Joe!

Loved Nielson's socks ...

Miss you


shisomama said...

oh sweet jesus! of COURSE you check the shoes first. i always tell my husband he never would've made it past the group date if he had been wearing tube socks. total deal breaker. thank god i found a mate before i moved to berkeley....

Bitterbetty said...

My Hub had and still has spectacular shoes.

But I must say the pics of Harley looking so totally big and making me feel older in a big way.

jen said...

omg, you have a yellow kitchen aid mixer! ack! i want that!

jalepeno hush puppies, yum. i've never seen hush puppies in l.a. so sad.

JenniferW said...

OMG those shoes are total grounds for excusing yourself to the bathroom and climbing out the window!! BWAH hahahahahaha HA!!! How could she NOT HAVE NOTICED THEM?!?! Reminds me of when I slept over at a new BF's apartment for the first time and the next morning, to go ice skating with his daughter, he put on a white turtleneck and some kind of Swedish-Fair Isle combo sweaterlike thing with metal clasps that made me almost choke trying not to laugh. This is just after I woke up and saw a sign on his bedroom wall, and without contacts I couldn't see it so I stumbled naked toward it, only to read


Too far into her cups? What, her bra cups? That isn't southern -- it must be Texan.

Kim said...

The shoes *did* make me laugh out loud. The chicken-friend bacon is soooooooo Texas! Even as a veg, though, I admit that I'm rather curious and would have swiped a bite.