Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am a Material Girl

I've got the fever. Fabric shopping fever. Toy shopping fever. Bicycle shopping fever. What do all these fevers have in common? That's right ladies, shopping. What can I say? I have been diligently cleaning out my closets and shelves and trunks of every single thing I do not love or use. I sell this stuff on ebay and if no one wants to give me money for it I donate it to someone who wants it. In return I am quickly spending my cash on new better stuff, stuff that can possibly earn me money (like fabric which will be turned into crafts for sale if I don't use it all to make stuff for my own family's use).

So why the sudden fevers? Well, for one thing, Kitty Craft has suddenly reopened, and Superbuzzy has restocked with awesome awesome Japanese fabrics and notions. The main stuff I wanted from Kitty sold out before I knew of their grand re-opening. I have been searching for the fairy tale fabric high and low for months, and apparently so have all the other sewing junkies because it disappeared really quickly. I was also dying to buy this Japanese craft bookbut I can not justify the cost of it right now. That said, I didn't pick up anything at Kitty Craft, but Superbuzzy just got a bunch of money from me for items that include this squirrel fabric:

And this pear fabric:
And this pear tree fabric:
And this robot fabric:
I am going to make Harlan a robot jon-jon (overall shorts) for this summer. I also stumbled upon some Amy Butler fabric on sale here which I snatched up a bunch of to make some spring outfits for myself with.
The toy shopping fever extended to purchasing this Plantoys kitchen for Harlan along with some Melissa and Doug food to go with it. These are the kinds of toys he loves every time we are at the local playgroup at the S. Oxford St. church. I decided it would be a good investment since he will use it for a few years to come.
The bicycle shopping fever developed when I came across this fantastic vintage Dutch bike with a baby seat on the back The man selling it is going to bring it by so I can try it out along with a few other three speeds that I have my eye on. He repairs them all himself and I can't handle my old junker anymore, plus I need something more stable to put Harlan on this spring as we ride around Prospect Park on the weekends. I love that scenic loop without any automobile traffic and I'm sure Harlan will love it too. Pray that the bike fits me!
By the way, I should mention that our windows got replaced this past Saturday. After eight and a half years in this apartment I am warm. It turns out the old windows were literally balancing in the building sockets. No wooden frames were built, no insulation was installed. What a surprise.


futuregirl said...

That Japanese craft book is the best one I've found for stuffies. There are a ton of patterns and they are all different. I get all of mine at Kinokuniya (at Rockefeller Center, 10 W 49th between 5th and 6th).

Lady said...

i ADORE that robot fabric! can't wait to see what it looks like as a little overalls set. i have a great set of flannel robot sheets from garnet hill - so comfy, so cute. arigato mr roboto.